7th July 2020

Midsummer with a Bloomsday Twist

Members of the Chamber and Finnish Business Club, with their friends, enjoyed a great celebration of Midsummer on the 16th of June. Because that day is also Bloomsday, some characters and foods from Leopold’s peregrination were also on display.

Frida Concannon, our new secretary, ( aided by Isabella and Mical) had been busy all day in preparing delicious delicacies. Frida’s husband Patrick, created a beautiful Midsummer pole.  One of our members, Birgitta Curtain of Burren Smokehouse, generously supplied the best smoked salmon in Ireland (and other gourmet fish). (You must visit www.burrensmokehouse.ie to see for yourself the great range of wonderful food produced in north Clare).

Bloomsday was honoured with frilly hats and straw hats and one particularly spectacular shirt.  We had classical guitar music, Irish fiddle music and songs in half a dozen languages.  The highlight was undoubtedly the frog dance at midnight around the midsummer pole.

We must do it all again next year.


  Midsummer buffet with salmon, herring,“gubbröra” and the traditional snaps!

The dessert consisted of strawberries mixed with meringue, whipped cream and amaretto

Cameron Mcauley played some wonderful songs on the guitar. To the right is Paul Keane, chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Ireland


Meave Walsh, Breandan O Caollai, Sean, Kevin Keane, Maria Murphy and PJ Mac Gabhann

Sorcha Keane and Kevin Keane

To the right; Teemu Salaranto from the Finnish Business Club and his wife Christine

Frida Concannon, secretary at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Ireland

The beautiful midsummer pole

Frog dance around the midsummer pole

The night ended with the traditional ”rocket” dance

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