10th August 2020

Only two weeks left until the magical Lucia Concert

Streets and windows are now being decorated with Christmas lights. Also in Sweden lights are one of the most important things during Christmas.

The Sankta Lucia celebration is a celebration of light. As December is the darkest and coldest month of the year in Sweden, its inhabitants welcome Lucia, who brings light and warmth. The concert “From darkness to light” is a concert that emphasizes this: The beautiful Lucia coming during the darkest hour, spreading light and joy. This will be particularly atmospheric in the darkness of the cathedral.  The emergence of the members of the choir from the shadows of the pillars to participate in the singing lead by a young Swedish woman, crowned with a garland of lit candles, is a magical moment.

We can’t wait to experience this special evening at the Christ Church Cathedral.

Did you already get your ticket? If not, go to Ticketmaster.



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