5th August 2020

Swedish Diva at National Concert Hall

The renowned Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter performed in the National Concert Hall on Sunday 7 November. Apart from Anne Sofie, the evening had a distinct Nordic flavour. The orchestra was the Concerto Copenhagen and the conductor was Lars Ulrik Mortensen from Denmark. The programme consisted of works by Bach and Handel. Although the composers are both of the baroque period, Anne Sofie seemed much more comfortable and relaxed singing the music of Handel. Her rendition of “Where Er’ You Walk” really enthused the audience and she showed her famous skills as an actress and communicator in the aria “Resign thy club” from Handel’s “Hercules”. She generously sang three encores and was applauded from the stage with a standing ovation.

Paul Keane
Chairman – SCCI

Picture from www.annesofievonotter.com
Picture from www.annesofievonotter.com
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