10th August 2020

The Alliance re-elected

The Swedish election is over. The centre-right Alliance was re-elected and the Swedish Socialists (from the Red-Greens) did their worst election since 1911. However,  Alliance voters all over the country did not celebrate as much as would have been expected yesterday night. This because the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats entered the Parliament for the first time. It is a new situation for the country. The Alliance is still saying they will not cooperate with the Sweden Democrats. Instead, they will now start discussions with the Swedish Greens (a party from the Red-Greens). The Swedish Greens on the other hand, are not interested in working together with the Alliance. Nevertheless the parties haven’t yet had a chance to sit down and discuss this new situation. According to the polls before the election, the Sweden Democrats should not have had this many voters.
We will have to wait and see how the collaboration will develop. 

Do you want to read more about the election? Click here for an article from The Irish Times.

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