18th February 2020






                                  “The best ever”




                                   “A magical experience”




 These are some of the phrases used by the audience as they emerged   from Christchurch Cathedral on 16 December 2012. 


The cathedral was full to hear the celebrated Adolf Fredriks Ungdomskör under their inspirational conductor, Christoffer Holgersson.The choir started the performance with traditional carols.  After the break, the lights of the cathedral were extinguished. 

The ancient church was dark.  The choir could be heard moving, but dressed in black, could not be seen. 
Suddenly there was a piercing cry at the back of the cathedral, and was answered by another at the front.  The renowned “Från Mörk till Ljus” had begun. 

We were brought on a journey, from the darkness of the cry of a lost soul, through wonderful music, ending with the Sankta Lucia procession, led by a young woman wearing a crown of lit candles. After this magical concert, we enjoyed glögg and ginger biscuits in the mysterious crypt. We emerged into the crisp air of a December night, exhilarated by the uplifting experience we had enjoyed.         


And the good news is that the choir will return next December to lift up our spirits yet again.



                                                         Christoffer Holgersson




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